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Legal Bases of the Instagram raffle with @HugoperezCabaleiro

Legal bases of the Instagram raffle with @HugoperezCabaleiro - @goinoficial - @Velcamotor. Legal basis of promotion. Contest to win a section Velca Sectionana.
The promoter and head of the personal data file #Velca is Rhino Electric Motors, S.L., domiciled at Piedmonte Calle 23, 28014, Madrid. In order to promote its visibility in social networks and the interaction with its audience, Velca performs a contest through Instagram with the following bases: Participation in the contest is free and all natural persons over 16 years of age residing in Spain and who are not employees of Velca may participate. Participation implies the total and absolute acceptance of these bases and will automatically disqualify people with the intention of harming or damaging the image of the contest. Instagram does not sponsor, endorse, nor manage this promotion, nor is it associated with it. The user totally detaches himself from Facebook and is aware that he is providing his information to Velca and not to Instagram. The information it provides will be used to manage participation in the contest, communicate the prize and to manage the sending of the awards. Contest dates The contest is addressed to all those people over 16. The participation will be active from January 23, 2022 to 8:00 p.m. on February 6, 2022. It is resolved in Velca's profile at 12:00 p.m. Contest description Velca will implement an application to overcome the section Velca. To participate and enter the contest, users must follow/be followers of the @Velcamotor and @goinoficial profile on Instagram and be followers of the @HugoperezCabaleiro profile, give the “Like” in the publication and mention a friend. Several participations are accepted per person, that is, a single person may participate more than once the contest. The winners will be chosen randomly through the specialized application and in case of not being able to contact the winner within 10 calendar days from the first contact attempt or that he renounces the award, a new winner will proceed to select, losing the previous winner his right to claim the prize. Velca will contact the winners through their Instagram profile to establish their data. In addition to contacting them directly through the data provided by participating in the contest, the winner's name will be communicated through the Velca Instagram profile and replaced in Hugo's profile (@hugoperezcabaleiro). Participation conditions To participate in the contest and be able to opt for the award, the participant must meet these requirements. To be older than 16 Participate in the contest through a real and active Instagram profile, without anomalies and that cannot be considered likely to have been created with the sole intention of participating in the promotion. Therefore, only profiles will be valid with the following characteristics: The user must have cover photo (Cover Image). The user must have a profile picture. The sponsor reserves the right to disqualify contesting profiles. Special attention will be paid to fraudulent activities and those profiles in which apparently abusive and malicious behaviors will be observed. In front of any indication of identity lack or fraudulent use of the profile, the organizer reserves the right to immediately disqualify the participant, unilaterally and without the need for notification or justification for the participant. MECHANICS OF THE PROMOTION A contest will be held through a specialized application. To participate in the contest, the user must like the photo of the contest in the user's Instagram profile that the promotion, commenting on it by mentioning another user and following the @Velcamotor account. The winners will be decided through the specialized application, that is, randomly and randomly. The winner's announcement will be made public on the Instagram account @velcamotor on February 7, 2022. REWARD The prize offered by Velca is a section Velca. Registration expenses, shipping, insurance are not included in the award. Notification to the winners Knowing the identity of the winners, Velca will publish the names of the winners in the @Velcamotor profile through Stories. By accepting these bases, participants give their consent for Velca to publish their name (or Instagram identity) on Instagram. Assignment of image rights and/or intellectual property of the winner The winner accepts that his username and public profile photo of Instagram is published in profiles and other websites of the organization to communicate the winner of the promotion. The Velca team will contact the winner in a period not exceeding 10 business days through the email address provided, for the purpose of formally notifying the award of the award (hereinafter, the "Notification to the Winner" ) and agree on the date of satisfaction of the same. In this sense, Velca reserves the right to request the winner to provide all the personal data that are reasonably necessary to make the prize satisfaction. The refusal by the winner to provide this personal data, if this objectively makes it impossible to make the winner of the award awarded, will imply the loss of the right to the prize by the winner, with the effects described below: After 10 calendar days from the first notification by Velca the winners without the Velca obtaining any response to it by the winners, or if the winners refused to facilitate any of the personal data requested (according to what they have the previous paragraph) the winners will lose their right to obtain the prize. Likewise, that winner who does not meet the eligibility requirements stipulated in these bases will not be entitled to receive the prize. The veracity of all the data provided by the participant is an indispensable condition to access the awards granted in the promotion. Velca is not responsible for the correct satisfaction of the prize in case the data provided is wrong or incomplete. Any change in the participant's data must be notified at Velca as soon as possible in order to make possible the correct satisfaction of the prize. MODIFICATIONS Velca reserves the right to suspend or vary promotion at any time, as well as modifying these bases during the development of it. The suspension, variation or modification of the promotion will be communicated by means of a notice to Velca's own page (blog) and Facebook (Velca Motor). These suspensions, variations or modifications will not entitle in any case to claim by the current or potential participants in the promotion. TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA The information provided by the participants, will be included in a file owned by Velca. This information will be treated in accordance with current legislation on personal data protection. Personal data related to this promotion will be treated under the responsibility of Velca in accordance with Regulation (CE) No. 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and the Council, regarding the protection of natural persons in regard to the treatment of Personal data by the institutions, organs and agencies of the Union and the free movement of this data. In no case will the data obtained for any other purpose other than specified in these bases be used. Purpose of personal data processing: The collection and processing of personal data has the following purposes: - Manage the promotion proposed in these bases. - The delivery and acceptance of the prize by the winning participants. The personal data collected and treated are: The necessary data for shipping: name / surname / address / postal code / city. Treatment Responsible: Data retention: the person in charge of the treatment will only retain the data when necessary to carry out actions to monitor the act, taking into account the purpose of the processing of personal data. Exoneration of responsibilities Velca is exempted from any responsibility in the case of any error in the data provided by the same winning participant of the prize that prevented their identification or satisfaction. Claims For any claim or consultation related to this promotion, you can contact us the following email address: GENERAL If any clause or part of a clause of these bases were or occurs null, illegal or not applicable, this clause or part of a clause would be understood by not put in the bases, without affecting in any way the validity, legality or applicability of the rest of the bases. In case of breach of any of the clauses of these bases, the participant will be automatically disqualified from the promotion and will not be possible candidate to obtain the prize offered to it. The promotion is organized and is subject to the laws of Spain. The bases will be governed by the Spanish law and the corresponding courts and courts at Velca's domicile will be competent for the resolution of any dispute related to the bases or promotion.

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