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Velca electric batteries

Velca electric batteries
In this article we are going to talk to you a little more in detail about our electric batteries. Quiet, easy little things and the touch so you don't scratch you. Our batteries have nothing to envy to a LG or Samsung. They may not have so much name, but the benefits they offer you are overly at the height. In case you did not know, we have 3 different types of electric batteries (one for each velca model) that are located under the seat. The section can store two batteries together that will make you enjoy up to 120 km in a row, and Bora and Calima store a battery to enjoy up to 70 km from the pull. The full load time is about 5-6 hours for those of Tramontana and Bora and between 7-8 hours for the Calima Comfortable and simple.

Something more technical about electric batteries.

In the batteries of our motorcycles (lithium batteries) It is worth highlighting 3 components:
  • Case: of acid-pulk. Adjusted to the compatible format of each velca. Its function is Protect and, with the help of the handle, make the battery pack more easily transportable. Because, you remember that they are removable and can be loaded in any domestic plug, right?
  • Ion-lithium cells: presented in 18650 (18x65mm pilas) interconnected to achieve the desired voltage and amperage. Its high load density makes its useful life last above 600 load cycles (more than 35,000 km of service).
  • BMS (Battery Management System): It is a necessary electronics for the correct load and download of the lithium batteries. We can consider this electronics as a safety element that avoids accidents in the use of electric batteries.
Moto electric batteries

We remind you that electric batteries are not a toy and should be manipulated and used safely to avoid accidents and manage to maximize their performance, heard? To do this, keep these recommendations into account:

  • Do not let the batteries more than 10 hours in a row.
  • Disconnect the charger from your battery when the green light turns on, you already have it read.
  • When you finish loading it, cover the load port with the lid.
  • Do not bring the battery to areas that radiate heat.
  • Do not stir it, set or expose it to some liquid.
  • If for a considerable time you will not use your velca, disconnect the battery power passage to the motorcycle to save up to 60% of the load.
  • Do not stop loading your battery at least every 2-3 months so you don't lose its benefits.
  • The use of the battery is specified for temperatures between -5ºC and 45ºC, being the recommended storage temperature between 0ºC and 30ºC.
  • If you observe any strange noise, excessive temperature, escape, etc., please, stop using it.

A little more and already stop. I PROMISE.

"Charger". Yes, you have read well before. Whenever you extract the battery from your velca to feed it, you need this "partner" that will make an intermediary between the plug and your drums. But don't worry, which is specific to your velca's battery. Each of the batteries has a specific voltage and amperage. Hence, each charger model is the most advised for each battery. In this case, the most important characteristics to highlight would be the voltage and intensity of input and output, directly related to the electrical power that will be generated to feed your electric battery. These are some recommendations and characteristics of the loaders that may interest you:
  • Avoid placing it on the base of your velca when you have it plugged in.
  • Varied protection: overcurrent, overwhelming, overwheature, short circuit and reverse polarity.
  • LED indicator in 3 positions: fixed red light while the battery is loading, fixed green light when the battery is fully loaded and PA green lightRPadeante when the battery is 95% of its capacity.
So far today's small class. See you in another kind of How much would you save with an electric motorcycle. We hope to have helped you solve any little doubt you could have about it. Do not forget to give him "like" and subscribe to the link ... no, no, no, it's pussy! ?✌ Now what? Do you dare to Try them? See you in Instagram!

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