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How is your velca charged?

How is your velca charged?
In today's article we are going to leave you the simplest and most fast guide on ... How is your velca charged?

This guide on how your velca is loaded only has 3 simple steps:

Many people think that loading the battery of an electric motorcycle is a difficult and laborious task. It is possible that in other brands it is so but we from Velca, we cannot make it easier.

Well, what are those simple steps to load your velca?

Extract, load, drive.

As of today you will not be able to forget this combination of words. It seems simple, huh? Well, do you know what is best? ... What is it !!

Now we are going through step by explaining it (even if it does not have much Hehe science).

1st Extract.

The first thing you have to do is open your velca's seat by turning the key. Once you have the seat open, put the switch of your velca off. Open the lid and disconnect the battery from your motorcycle. Once it is disconnected, take it out of your velca.

2nd load.

Surely you are thinking that this step is the most complicated ... and I feel colleague but you are very wrong. It is the best characteristic of our velcas. You just have to look for a plug, anyone is (that of your office for example Hehe). You do not need to load it in any special plug, or in any gas station, or anything. The same plug that you use for your mobile serves you for your velca. It is to Fripar, we know it.

3rd conducts.

And that is easy to be Riders, we had warned you that I had no science. Once the battery is loaded (it takes approximately between 5 and 6 hours), connect it again in your velca and ready! You are already ready to drive. In addition, you will not have to repeat this process until the following week since a load usually lasts approximately a week.

Has it became clear how your velca is loaded?

He is sucked, really. Even so, if you want to know more things about our batteries, do not hesitate to read the article we wrote a few months ago in which we told you "All about our batteries". We hope we have solved all your questions! See you in the following article Riders! ?

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