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How to use an electric motorcycle step by step

How to use an electric motorcycle step by step

We are going to make it clear how to use a step by step electric motorcycle, because the velca is for everyone!

I give you some simple instructions to see how easy it is to drive a velca. From now on there are no excuses. How to use an electric motorcycle will not worry again. Attends :?
  1. Follow you Mold helmet before starting.
  2. Turn the key until "Start" position.
  3. With your full batteries, you are read to make you 60 kilometers with your bora and up to 120km with your section.
  4. Eh! Remove the easel or goat leg, which I see that you flip ... And now, accelerate!
  5. After having farded electric vehicle by the City, it is time to recharge. Without the given contact: lift the seat, disconnect the battery, and pull the handle. We already have it out, ready to "feed it." ??
Also, you can recharge your batteries directly from inside your velca, plugging the charger directly to the connector under the seat. Eye! In this case we recommend that the charger is not supported on the basis of the motorcycle. how to use an electric motorcycle

More recommendations for you

  1. Remember that You can load your batteries in any conventional plug. Yes, anywhere. If I were you, I would take advantage of the "free buffet" of the OFI or the Curro. Loading it only costs 19 euros a year, But if the boss invites, better?
  2. The complete cycle of load will take between 5-6 hours In completing, more than plenty of time to produce a little in the curro, right? What not everything will be an electric motorcycle!
  3. Hey, hey, but don't forget the batteries either. We recommend you Not having them loading more than 10 hours in a row so that they are not damaged and you can get the maximum performance.
  4. At 3pm, at 6pm, at 7pm ... you go out at the time you leave the work, or if you have left your battery at home at night, smile! Already, now ... we know that it is not the same to get up and have to work to get out of work and stay with the friends, but here the important thing is that you already have the power to enjoy your electric vehicle of new. Forgive, from your velca? Grab your drums, raise your seat, introduce it, connect it, helmet, contact and fly!
Now, are you listing to be the new brother -in -law when knowing how to use an electric motorcycle (it is packed, save free "curse" please?). But already yes, the doubts you could have regarding "What" You have been able to check the simple answer they had. If you have not already done it, it only remains to be encouraged to enjoy your new velca as soon as possible, why don't you start Try it?

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