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Disassembling myths from electric motorcycles

Disassembling myths from electric motorcycles
The electric motorcycles have many advantages, but many are not prepared to listen to them. As we know that you do, we have compiled some myths on the electric motorcycles so you can fight and win any battle.

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Myth number 1: "An electric motorcycle can leave you lying at any time because" the battery is run out. "

What do you think? We know that you are thinking the same as us. Like any other device that works thanks to batteries, the motorcycles carry a load indicator that will notify you at all times of the autonomy that you will have at your disposal.

Myth number 2: "It is very difficult to find a place to recharge electric vehicles, especially for motorcycles"

That is because you don't know Velca's power. Ours removable electric batteries They are designed to load your motorcycle in the same plug in which you load your mobile phone. Yes! As you read it. It will be as easy as extracting the battery and putting it to load wherever you want. But if you prefer, you can also load your motorcycle without the need to take the battery in any plug. To what had never been so easy have an electric motorcycle? ?

Myth number 3: "Having an electric motorcycle ends up being super expensive."

Let's see, let's see ... we face the million dollar question and we are 100% sure that you already knew it was false, right? This type of vehicles are even cheaper than fuel And not only at the time of purchase, but in the use and maintenance. With an electric motorcycle you can get off a lot of things, such as oil, air and fuel filters (and much more).

Myth number 4: "The batteries pollute more than a fuel vehicle."

A time ago, polluting and greenhouse gases such as NOX and CO2 were present in the use of electric motorcycles, but that is a thing of the past. Actually, if we compare the carbon footprint that produces a fuel vehicle, compared to that of an electric one, it is reduced reaching 97%. Another myths The issue of aesthetics is usually of electric motorcycles. They dare to say that it is not usually flattering, but we can disassemble that. You can judge it yourself in our Instragram.

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Well, don't let them go and Come try yours. We will wait for you!

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