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Differences between electric motorcycles and gasoline.

Differences between electric motorcycles and gasoline.
The Electric mobility It is changing our cities and it is increasingly common to meet these motorcycles in the urban nuclei. But ... Have you ever stopped to think about the difference between electric motorcycles and gasoline? Well, in this article we tell you some of those differences that you can make you consider how to move from now.
  1. You will start saving a lot of money. ?

While in Spain filling the tank of a gasoline motor Acquire a new one, or finance it in the months you need to barely notice the expense. Did you know that you can have one for the same money you pay for your public transport fertilizer? It seems crazy to us. Also, not just choose to change your vehicle to go to work or have some beers with friends can be beneficial for your pocket ... you will save all the money you spend in gasoline to use it on whatever you want! The electric batteries of the models cost around or 30 cents for every 100 kilometers, you probably spend about 15 euros a year on electricity. If we start thinking how much money is that in gasoline or gasoline motorcycles ... The average annual consumption of a gasoline motorcycle is 800 euros. Also, you will forget about reviews. ? Great difference between electric motorcycles and gasoline, right?
  1. Motorcycle energy source ⚡

As we told you, unlike traditional motorcycles, electric electric battery" that is loaded from any plug. You can leave the battery loading all night and you already have your velca ready to destroy the city!
  1. Goodbye noise pollution?

One of the things that generates the most stress in the city, even in our day to day is noise. This is another big difference between electric motorcycles and gasoline. The feeling you acquire is great when stepping on the accelerator and noticing how your motorcycle roars but ... accelerate and not hear anything throughout the day? What a feeling!
  1. Will you begin to be one of the leaders of the transformation of cities?

By using an electric motorcycle you will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, using non -polluting energy and being one of the pioneers in electric mobility ... a crucial and vital social importance in this next decade. ? Dare Try a velca. See you in the next article Riders!?

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