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Top ideas to do on Halloween

Top ideas to do on Halloween
Boooo! As you can see that Halloween is already around the corner. From Velca we want to propose top ideas to do on Halloween and enjoy the most terrifying party next to your motorcycle and next to anyone you want. ?

We start with the top ideas (very top), to do on Halloween.

A motorcycle disguised?

Yes, yes, dear readers ... In this life there are people for everything, and if you love to disguise yourself ... Why would you not like your motorcycle? Can there be something better than appearing at your colleague's party with the best cost of the world and your matching electric motorcycle? Imagine arriving with your Section orange to the party while you are disguised as pumpkin or fill your Bora of cobwebs and toy spiders while you wear a white giant sheet to look like a scary ghost.

Although perhaps the situation does not accompany ...

The Covid-19 Pandemia may not allow much party in your city, so we have also thought about those who prefer to stay at home. Surely you have ever seen the works of art on social networks (because some the truth is) that can be done with pumpkins. Here are some ideas in case you miss your motorcycle during confinement:

But ... do you know what really scares?

We know that we are not the only ones to which the future of planet Earth is afraid but what we are afraid of really is: 1º Mobility in urban nuclei. 2º The emissions of polluting gases. 3º The noise pollution 4º Waste management And scheme the Environment pollution is already a fact And we want to change that fact radically through a transition made sustainable and much more organic mobility in cities.

The cities are changing!

As we tell you in the article of October 21, The cities are changing And we with them. That is why better than joining this change with a velca that takes you where you want, without having to worry about any restriction since it is 100% electric. Therefore, we encourage you if you are not prepared (that surely if ...) / Add Link to the article if you are prepared / Avenga to our Velca Store to try one of them and to face any questions you have. We will be happy to receive you! In this link you can take an appointment, visit our Velca Store and Try a velca. We want you to enjoy this Halloween soooaaaaan terrifying and ... See you in the following article Riders! ?

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