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Impact of the electric vehicle on the environment

Impact of the electric vehicle on the environment
Until recently, the electric vehicle was not a relevant part in our lives but, after the Covid 19 pandemic, we have seen the importance of taking care of the health of the planet, ours and ours. For all this, that is why we need to take measures that lead us to sustainable and respectful mobility with our environment, making the impact of the electric vehicle on the environment as much as possible.

❌ We do not talk only about motorcycles and electric cars! ❌

Trucks, buses and other means of transport begin to join this interesting electromovility career. This is of vital importance since The transport sector causes most emissions from road transport (90%) . ? But little by little, these types of vehicles are gaining space in our minds and streets, which makes us come to our heads:

What impact does the electric vehicle have on the environment? ?

Prepared to impregnate our energy?

Here we go!

1. Electric vehicles are like air purifiers.

We know you've felt a wind breeze reading this. You are already impregnating from the power that we work with pure electricity. ?? Electric vehicles help improve and conserve good levels of air quality in cities and municipalities.

How is it possible?

These types of vehicles do not emit neither particles or nitrogen oxides. The percentage of pollution that produces will only depend on the company's power plant that you have hired. ?

2. Almost zero noise pollution.

Having no combustion engine, they are super silent vehicles. In addition, they do not emit any heat and produce much less vibrations. With them the impact of the electric vehicle on the environment would be further reduced. Not to mention that noise would end in the streets of the municipalities and cities, something that surely would appreciate the neighbor of the fifth at 12 at night. ? Your neighbor has sponsored this space.

3. They generate less hazardous waste.

This can be another of the great Myths of electric motorcycles. By using a minor or null number of products such as refrigerants, lubricants or gear change oils; The pollution and impact of the electric vehicle on the environment is much lower. And you can get off a lot of things! ?

Mola eh? ?

Ah! Are you still thinking about it?

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