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The history of the electric motorcycle.

The history of the electric motorcycle.

First data in the history of the electric motorcycle.

It seems that the history of the electric motorcycle is recent, but no. While much more of her has begun to be talked about in recent years, her story begins at the end of 1860. According to several sources, the first patents found date in the late 1860s. However, until 1911 this type of transport that allowed to move thanks to electricity began to be marketed. We load batteries and start with the story! The MIT works on a battery that endures several days without the need to be loaded | Science and Technology | Chain ser

Summary for centuries.

19th century: beginnings of the history of the electric motorcycle. In 1860 they are patents that refer to the first electric motorcycles, 5 years later the history of electric motorcycles begins thanks to the registration of the first patent. In 1897, Humber, the British bicycle manufacturer, showed the exhibition of motorized tricycles and bicycles called: "Stanley Cycle Show". 20th century: record time. In 1911, according to several sources, the first electric motorcycle appears officially thanks to Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies. In 1936-1938, in parallel to the beginnings of the Spanish Civil War, the Limelette brothers created Socovel, the first brand created with the purpose of creating and distributing electric motorcycles.
SOCOVEL ELECTRIC Bike Review From 1936 | V is for voltage electric vehicle forum SOCOVEL ELECTRIC MOTOR (1936)
In 1973 the first speed record was established on an electric motorcycle. 162 km/h were achieved thanks to Mike Corbin. Mike Corbin Bonneville record for electric motorcycles in 1974
Years later, in 1996 the Scoot´elec motorcycle manufactured by Peugeot was the first to produce in mass.
21st century: settlement of the electric motorcycle.
In the 21st century many brands began to raise awareness about the need to return to electric mobility. Electric motorcycles allow mobility without emissions, something necessary seeing how climate change already affects our quality of life.
At the beginning of 2020, it is born Velca. A Spanish brand of electric motorcycles that fights for lower pollution in cities. You still don't know what your electric motorcycles?
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