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The electric motorcycle with more autonomy

The electric motorcycle with more autonomy
When we are assessing an important economic investment in a transport vehicle there are several factors in which we stop to value. In the case of electric motorcycles, asking what is the electric motorcycle with more autonomy is one of the important issues. From Velca, we take into account the needs and concerns of our current and future riders. Therefore, in this article we perform an analysis of the characteristics of our models based on its electrical autonomy.

What is the electric motorcycle with more autonomy?

The electric motorcycle with more autonomy is currently Velca section counting on the possibility of incorporating two batteries and reaching the 120km! of load independence. Once you need to recharge it ... Electric and removable battery of Velca are loaded in any plug! You just have to look for a house supply and load it an estimated 5/6 hours. The Velca section It has a 3000W motor power, a maximum speed of 50 km/h and 120km of autonomy with the two batteries. Its load cost is around 0'35 euros per 100 km, with USB input in case you want to load your mobile and several colors available.

But our new section s ...?

It is our latest incorporation and the older sister of the normal section. With the Section s You can get to an autonomy of 100 km! and with a single battery. In addition, it is a model equivalent to 125cc with a maximum speed of 85km/h and a 4000W motor power.

Velca Calima and Velca Bora

Our other two models have a maximum autonomy of up to 70 km, ideal to move through the city dodging the traffic that we like so little ...
  • Velca Calima It has a 4000W motor power and a maximum speed of 80km/h.
  • Velca Bora It has a power of 2000W and a maximum speed of 50km/h.
All our models being electric emit or emissions and noise, and each time they seem more attractive to avoid the possibility of infection in the transport of any citizen in their day to day, in addition to the saving of time and money it supposes ... We encourage you to Try a velca In our Velca Store and judge for yourself!?

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