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Electric motorcycle per month

Electric motorcycle per month
Can you have a velca for months? Yes. Many had asked us and the time has come. From now on you can have your electric motorcycle for the months you want and whenever you want, you change. As if it were yours. Without bail or permanence. Now in Moty You can catch your favorite electric motorcycle for months and change it whenever you want. How do you hear it! In addition, all your subscriptions include 500 kilometers per month. Kilometers will be left over.

How does the electric motorcycle plan work for months?

1. Choose your option and subscribe.

Choose the electric vehicle you want and use it as if it were yours. Without sharing it with anyone.

2. Pay a monthly fee.

Without bail. Insurance and maintenance, included. And forget everything else. As simple as it goes on wheels.

3. And whenever you want, you change.

If your needs are others, choose another vehicle. Or cancel, there is no permanence. That life turns many times. ?

What from how much can your electric motorcycle have?

Well, our Calima and Velca Bora velca in different subscription plans are available right now: Velca Bora from € 119 per month. Velca Calima from € 169 per month.

Now it's your turn to decide.

Do you prefer a cyclomotor limited to 45 km/h or are you more of Scooter Roll 125 hp of those of a lifetime? ?

Surely you already know that motorcycle is the one that attracts you the most and, if you still don't know, we invite you to our store to try it. ?

In case you still lack reasons to buy an electric motorcycle Do not hesitate to read our article last week. See you in the following article!

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