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Electric motorcycles and driving permissions

Electric motorcycles and driving permissions
What are the electric motorcycles and equivalent driving permits? In these months, in this last year you have raised the option to move on to electric mobility, but do not have much notion or information of this new trend of sustainable mobility. From Velca, the information to our Riders and to anyone who is aligned with the purpose of creating more sustainable cities for all, and at the same time save time and money in their displacements? It is a priority. Therefore, in this article, we bring you the information related to the use of electric motorcycles with the driver's license. Motor power and maximum speed 

Driving license B

From the three years old with this permission you can consider driving an electric motorcycle that exceeds the . This option is how you have the equivalence to another permissions, the A1. There are also other options for conducting electric motorcycles and driver permissions that fit the regulations.

Other permits that admit their use

  • Card a: The minimum age to obtain this will be twenty years old, twenty -one for the case of tricycles. You can drive any type of electric motorcycle, regardless of motor power or maximum speed.
  • Card A2
  • Card am They do not exceed 45 km/h.
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