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New mobility for new normality

New mobility for new normality
If you begin to raise other types of mobility, you must have the point of sights, because every day they are more important, they help a more sustainable way of life and improve the quality of life in cities due to their minor Impact on the environment. In addition, they are a new mobility that seems to be perfectly designed for new normality.

Do you want to know why we are sure of it? ? Here are some reasons:

As we know, we must learn to live with Covid until a vaccine develops. Many have changed habits and we have even taken refuge a little more in our homes for the difficulty of taking a bus and the fear of infecting ourselves. With Velca that is over! If you have € 53 per month, you are free from public transport schedules (you can take your motorcycle whenever and wherever you want) and we could almost say that you would be free of the Covid. In addition, the motorcycle will be yours, forget about disinfecting every 2 by 3 and carrying gloves as a precaution. Being yours you can worry about many more things, even if you don't forget to always bring the mask. ? One of the things that you will not have to worry anymore is to walk looking for a place to recharge the batteries. You can take the electric battery From your motorcycle and recharge it in the same plug where you load your mobile! (or where you feel like it). It sounds very good, what yes? Finally, I want to remind you that it is available to your pocket. For only € 2,200 you can have our velca bora or, if you prefer, we give facilities so you can finance it. In addition, if you dare, we make you a 15% discount on insurance. All facilities and advantage so that you take care of you and yours!

Let's recap, why should you consider a new mobility for the new normality?

  1. It is a much more sustainable type of mobility and that Contamin much less.
  2. More comfortable and with more advantages than public transport: without schedule restrictions.
  3. Security and comfort within reach of your hands: facilities to recharge the batteries and greater security against COVID.
  4. Security within reach of your pocket: economic motorcycles and with a lot of style to discover this new mobility for the new normality. In addition to Save in many accessories such as spark plugs, oil filters, etc.
Do you have any questions? We encourage you to come to Try a velca Y Feel power What do you have to change the world towards zero emissions. See you in the next article Riders!?

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