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New section Sport

New section Sport
Electric mobility  Velca  Section Sport  125cc 

How many colors is the new Sport section available?

Yellow:  Section Sport, you will travel the city without going unnoticed and transmitting an energy like the one that Velca transmits. Another fact that we want to stand out, is that we have chosen this color because we are a brand that we have been born in Spain and we carry it in the DNA.⚡ Red:  Black: 

What else can highlight in the new section?

This model is agile, with a weight of 87kg and elegant to move every day to the city. The section transmits a style based on the Italian motorcycle models of the 50s, and one at the same time retro, ideal to overcome daily traffic. Being electric, like the rest of our models, it is designed for urban use of 0 CO2 emissions. In addition to being a perfect partner to move day by day, does it help to create sustainable cities? giving way to the new life that climate change asks us more and more urgently.

And anything more technical about this model?

4000W  removable electric batteries, you can have your complete battery in about 6 hours of load and the Velca will be ready to roll with you. Finally, remind you that if you run out of battery our velcas have a built -in USB input so you can load electronic devices without problem. Don't you think it's amazing? We are in love with this model and not for not? Try a velca ? See you in the next article Riders! ?

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