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New point of sale in Valencia!

New point of sale in Valencia!
Did you know that in Catalonia and in Valencia more "Velca" is looking for "electric motorcycles" in Google? You are cracks! And to celebrate it and thank you ... new point of sale in Valencia!

New point of sale in Valencia?

Yes! After almost a year of intense work and effort, and to feel your love and support towards the brand, we have managed to expand our horizons. As of today the lucky ones who live in Valencia you can see our motorcycles in person. We are very excited to be able to give you this great news and, little by little, reach more provinces in Spain. And who knows? The same in the whole world!

In case you don't know, Valencia is a perfect city to have a velca. ?

Currently, Valencia is one of the most friendly cities to travel it on a motorcycle.

Discovering Valencia in Moto (and of course in electric motorcycle) can be a unique experience. In addition to its people, its golden beaches and their walks with the spectacular views of the Mediterranean ... ... With a motorcycle you can explore all corners of this beautiful city.

What places to visit with your electric motorcycle from our point of sale in Valencia.

Apart from giving free rein to your imagination on how you would enjoy walking in your own velca through the streets of Valencia, we want to leave you two places that are especially beautiful to reach them on a motorcycle:

1. Silk fish market

It is a masterpiece of the Valencian civil Gothic. It is located in the center of the city and was declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996 (you cannot go without visiting it).


When you finish your visit to the beautiful lonja of the silk, do not hesitate to visit this special zoo. The park aims to represent the African continent in the best possible way. In addition to getting to the with your motorcycle you will go through multiple Valencian places of interest such as the "Torres de Quart" or "The Plaza de San Sebastián".

And all this can be done by testing our Calima Velca!

Yes, you can try our velca Calima When you want in our new point of sale of Valencia that is located on the street of Les Tres Forques, 65. We have advised these two sites but you can circulate where you want and above all, without contaminating. And it is that air pollution is increasingly high, and increasingly affects the environment. If you still don't know how, do not hesitate to go through our last week about our article about The environment and its relevance.

It is already our second physical sales point.

In case you did not know (here we are to remind you hehe), last October we open in Madrid Our first Velca Store. We still cannot believe the fact that we have also been able to reach Valencia.

And this is all thanks to you and your love for Velca, so thank you very much from the whole team.

We hope to see us very soon the faces in other Spanish provinces! See you in the next article Riders!?

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