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Why use an electric motorcycle

Why use an electric motorcycle
What do you want to wear an electric motorcycle? Do you want the short or long answer? We will start with the short: to ALL. You can use an electric motorcycle to go out with your friends, for some purchases from the center, to surprise your partner with a romantic appointment, to go to work ...

WAIT! WAIT! Use an electric motorcycle to work?!

What's happening? Do you think about a job better than Velca? Queeeé!? Elon Musk? Interesting ... well, wait a moment ... First of all stop for a moment and think. Since the alarm sounds on Monday until you turn off the computer on Friday, what is your life like?

Stressing? In tension? Conditioned by the jams and to arrive everywhere?

Moto stress If you have answered that one of these questions sees Elon Musk Solito to Mars. And pay attention to us: you will be better on planet Earth with a electric motorcycle! Think wisely. Stress begins on Sunday night when programming the alarm. We could almost have a glass ball! How much traffic will I find tomorrow? Is it enough if I advance the clock 20 minutes? With half an hour less sleep will be punctual? Nope. In reality we did not need any divine signal to know this answer, it is Monday, you are not Jordi Hurtado and obviously you have had to delay the alarm twenty times so ... here you are! In your morning jam! Surrounded by nicon and smoke sounds and overwhelmed all the work that awaits you when you reach the office!

Can you imagine the traffic jam to the loins of your velca?

It is a fact! Going to work in electric motorcycle You could have lifted you at a decent hour, breakfast calmly and say goodbye to traffic. However, here you are, at an exit from the highway stopped for more than 10 minutes ... Seeing your life to pass ... Without forgetting, once hell overcome, it's time to overcome the time to park, if you have luck and accounts with a garage square you can do it in a few minutes but but ... Oh friend! Welcome to the Lucky Roulette! It is time to go until they can leave the car, for example, somewhere. If on the contrary you decide to pull public transport Welcome to the hunger games! The thrusts and races between Transhipdo and Transhipdo at least will help you download some stress. With your electric motorcycle It would have been as easy as arriving and kissing the saint! Just in time to start the workday clear and ready to give everything! But... One moment! We forgot those who were still looking for a place! After turning more than a peon, you finally arrive! All good (or badly, depending on how damn your boss or if you are the boss) until the time of the exit. Watches in time! Touch calculate how long we will take to return home! For this mission it will be very good to have practiced since childhood with the books of "Choose your own adventure", a damaged car, a rainy day or a protocol of anti pollution activated at the last minute can make their appearance at any time. Atasco - Curra - Ambar - Repeat

Recharge the battery!

With your electric motorcycle You can reach all sites in the middle of time, so in addition to Save a paste in gasoline You will also do it in all the wear and stress caused by the traffic jams. You choose electric motorcycle For everything, do not leave the Velca Waiting to enjoy with her only on weekends. And the best of all and more important ... take the opportunity to shout in full lung in your office that of ... We have a new girl in the office! HIS NAME IS Velca And it's divine! Editor: Marta Critikian Do you dare to try a velca? click here.

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