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Why buy an electric motorcycle?

Why buy an electric motorcycle?
Has it still not clear to you why you should buy an electric motorcycle? Do not worry because here we leave you 3 key reasons why you need to buy an electric motorcycle.

Why buy an electric motorcycle?

Well, very simple colleagues, the green revolution has arrived strongly and also with the intention of staying. We want to give you some reasons to finish convincing you so ... there we are going!

1. You care about the planet and its future.

Yes, we are in the midst of a climatic crisis that has less and less time to remedy. We must become aware of what we do and gradually change our lifestyle and with it the way we move around our city. There is an overconsumo of fossil fuel vehicles. So a transition to an electrical mobility is necessary and urgent. And also, why do we think that electric motorcycle is the best alternative for the city? At the next point we tell you!

2. You want to save and you don't know how.

If you are one of those who like to save in every way, the electric motorcycle is the perfect vehicle for you (especially a velca hehe). Save time on displacements and when looking for parking. Save the money you spend on public transport, since, with only 15 euros you have to move with your electric motorcycle for a year. And finally, save in breakdowns and maintenance.

3. Freedom to circulate.

Many cities are joining the fight against climate change. Imposing restrictions for the circulation of fuel vehicles and leaving free way for electric cars. If you want to know more about The cities of the future Do not hesitate to read our article last October in which we tell you everything about them.

And besides, why should it be a velca?

Well, very easy, in addition to being 100% electric motorcycles: 1- They have removable and rechargeable batteries in any plug. 2- They generate zero emissions to the environment. 3- Its cost is minimal (it spends only 30 cents per 100 km). 4- You can choose between 4 different models according to your needs.

And many more advantages !!

I think you already know more than left because you must buy an electric motorcycle.

See you in the following article Riders!

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