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First Velca Store

First Velca Store
We open our first Velca Store! After much effort and illusion, we can finally give you the great news. It has not been an easy path, in fact, they often told us that we could not get it (and even more so when the first confinement began). But our philosophy has always been the same: it will never be the best time to undertake, but you have to take impulse and launch. You lose more if you don't try. It's like making a bridge. You look down and give you vertigo, but when you throw yourself you enjoy it. ? We still do not believe that we could get so much in so little: ✔  ✔  ✔ Breaking a national record). ✔  Now we have to continue and we hope this is the first of many. Finally you will be able to see our beautiful motorcycles live and direct and you can also ask any of us any questions since we will be there for everything you need.

The location of our Velca Store:

You will be wondering where our first Velca Store is, right? Do not impatient because it is also in an unbeatable location! PIAMONTE STREET, 16. reduce the impact of the vehicle on the environment.

Our schedule:

Here we leave you the schedule of our Velca Store so you can point to your agenda your next plan to visit us. Monday to Friday from 11 to 20. Saturdays from 10 to 14. Closed Sundays. LIVE THE VELCA EXPERIENCE TO 101%. From now on we will be able to see our faces! See you in our first Velca Store Riders!

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