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What is the environment?

What is the environment?
Today it is almost impossible to meet someone who does not have any knowledge about the environment and about the problem of climate change ... ... But if you are not yet very familiar with the subject, do not Werry that here you have us to teach you a little more on the subject.

What is the environment?

Well, let's start with the basics!

According to the UN, the environment is: "The set of physical, chemical, biological and social components capable of causing direct or indirect effects, within a short or long term, on living beings and human activities."
That is, the surrounding environment and how we interact with him!

What problem is there then with the environment?

The problem we currently have with the environment is simply and simply that we do not know how to take care. The increase in global temperature produced by greenhouse gas emissions due to intense industrialization and human activity, have caused that in the last 5 years the number of natural catastrophes has intensified and that the temperature of the earth has increased In 1.5ºC. Climate change, or as we prefer to call it, the climatic emergency, has ceased to be a future problem and has become a problem of the present.

How can we help the environment?

There are many ways to improve our relationship with the environment! For example: separate garbage, use reusable products, consume ecological fruits and vegetables ... There is one that seems really important to us and we want you to know it too:

The transition to electric mobility.

From Velca we sign that cities need a New mobility for new normality. And scheme The impact of the electric vehicle on the environment It is much smaller than that of fossil fuel vehicles. We need to take measures that lead us to sustainable and respectful mobility with our environment.

Don't you know if you are prepared for change?

We tell you that if you are but in case you still doubt it, check out our article of October 26 where we give you 3 reasons why you are prepared to buy an electric vehicle.
A simple but very effective change.
We only have one planet and we have to take care of it to be able to live and enjoy life in it for many more years. We need everyone's collaboration: -Gobiens -Multinational and coorportations -Companies And of course of citizens.

Climate change is a global challenge that has no limits and incumbent for us all.

We hope you enjoyed and learned a lot reading this article and that you have wanted to join the green revolution. See you in the following article Riders! ?

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