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What electric motorcycle buy?

What electric motorcycle buy?
You haven't decided yet and you don't know what electric motorcycle to buy? Do not worry that here we leave you the information you need to decide at once!

What electric motorcycle buy?

Within the Velca family we have several perfect options that adapt to your needs. Are you ready to meet them?

Let's go!

Velca Bora

Its engine has a power of 2000W and reaches a maximum speed of 50km/h. It has a maximum autonomy of 70 km. It is super light (only 57kg), so it is super easy to handle

We add technology and design to those who love (and suffer) their city. Velca Bora is agile, easy to use and perfect to circulate anywhere in the city.

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Velca Calima

In this case, its engine has a power of 4000W and reaches a speed of 80km/h. It has a maximum autonomy of 70 km. Velca Calima is an electric motorcycle equivalent to a 125cc.

With an elegant design and great power. Calima Velca is perfect for urban use. Go to the office, go to dinner, buy the bread ... You will be looking forward to any excuse to enjoy it.

If you are an indomitable, unpredictable and daring person ... This motorcycle is perfect for you!

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Velca section

This motorcycle has a 3000W engine and reaches a speed of 50km/h. It is our motorcycle with greater autonomy since it has a capacity for two battery and you can travel up to 120km in a row with it.

Velca section is an agile and elegant motorcycle, the best way to overcome traffic. Inspired by the Italian motorcycles of the 50’s, it is designed for urban use without CO2 emissions.

Velca section Sport

This motorcycle is the new version of the one we have explained before. Design inspired by the Italian motorcycles of the 50s, but in this case it has a 4000W engine and reaches a speed of up to 85km/h. The section S is the last incoordination to the Velca family and we are looking forward to seeing it through the streets of all of Spain.

Surely you know what motorcycle to buy and if you still lack reasons to buy an electric motorcycle Do not hesitate to read our article last week.

See you in the following article Riders!

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