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Do you really know the origin of Black Friday?

Do you really know the origin of Black Friday?
Everyone spoke last week about Black Friday but ... do you really know where Black Friday's origin is?

Origin of Black Friday

There are many theories around this concept that is more than established in Spanish trade. According to several historians, the theory that has the most acceptance is as follows:

Are you ready to know its origin?

The term Black Friday began to be used in the mid -50s in Philadelphia, United States. It began to be used to describe the dense traffic of vehicles and people who crowd the streets the next day of Thanksgiving. The use of this term began among police officers in charge of traffic regulation. The initiative (as you can see HEHE) was very successful and soon the Philadelphia merchants began using this term to describe the great masses of people who went out to tour the stores on the day after thanksgiving.

Origin of Black Friday in Spain:

Of course, Spain also arrived, which began to be used in 2012 and we observed it with greater intensity in most shops. It is impossible to travel the streets of your city on Friday, November 27 and do not meet with posters and neons announcing discounts. Social networks are filled with ads, raffles and coupons. Fixed that you have commented with your family, friends and coworkers your opinion about it and we want to know her and know what you do during this week.

Is this really the origin of Black Friday?

It happens with all the stories whose principle is not clear, and there are many theories around the origin of this intense day. We stay with this !!

And you, do you know any different origin?

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