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European Mobility Week 2020

European Mobility Week 2020
European Mobility Week 2020 

First ... Can you guess this year's theme?

The theme chosen for this 2020 is mobility without emissions. With this, it is intended to reflect the objective of neutrality in coal emissions by 2050 at a general level within cities. It is very important to raise awareness about it so that, among all, we can expedite the change towards a new form of mobility. Do you know how our motorcycles collaborate in the environment? The batteries of our motorcycles  European Mobility Week  Can you imagine how these cities can change if the infrastructure of their transport networks evolves completely towards the electric? Madrid, different shares have been carried out during this week, such as the reduction of the Cost of Bicimad up to 50%, the expansion of green routes, and a new electric bus line surrounding the Central District of the capital. Bilbao, they also join this week with a mobility plan presented by the City Council where proposals are collected to reduce pollution in labor displacements, modifications in the use of the impersonal Barik card, planning the distribution of vehicles to the vehicles to the vehicles to the employees within companies ... In addition, one of the measures that has impacted most is that as of day 22, the Biscay capital will become the first of the world to limit traffic speed to 30 km/h. Amsterdam, Barcelona and Copenhague 
  • Zero emissions within its urban nuclei.
  • New electric bus fleets, hybrids or propelled by compressed natural gas.
  • Fully electric type transfers that connect the north and south of the city.
  • Old vehicle change plans for public transport fertilizers.
  • Public load points to facilitate the purchase and recharge of electric vehicles.
  • Call by the authorities to the use of private vehicles that work with electricity, hydrogen or biofuels.
  • Cyclist highways for use by citizens in their daily transport.
In cities like   In general, Europe and its cities propose progressive changes and projects that improve life towards neutrality without emissions, where institutions, citizens, and companies form an important part of this transition. Try a velca. See you in the next article Riders! ?

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