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Velca: The Spanish Electric Motorcycle Brand

Velca: The Spanish Electric Motorcycle Brand
There was a time when Spain had tens its motorcycle brands. Unfortunately due to industrial conversion and the little successful regulations, virtually all Spanish motorcycles brands have had to close. It is true that motorcycle vehicle manufacturers have never joined enough compared to other industrial lobbies that took any occasion to be in ministerial buildings. The reduction of motorcycle sales and the economic crisis made it not attractive to create motorcycles in Spain. But at the end of 2019, a group of people who worked in the electric mobility sector decided to unite to create Velca.

Velca, a Spanish brand of electric motorcycles

Velca is a start up passionate about the disruptive technology And at the same time for the imperturbable classics. This dichotomy between embracing the avant -garde and loving the traditional has led us to create a project that is consistent with the sustainable future recognizing and promoting classical values ​​such as Personal treatment, excellence in service and the design with old dyes. I hope we can pay tribute to all Spanish motorcycle brands that unfortunately are no longer with us. We are one Spanish electric motorcycle brand that has the vision of reduce pollution in our cities to zero. We want healthy cities In every way for that reason we support projects that promote the health and coexistence of citizens. We are a vehicle brand but we talk about health and specifically we want to focus our value proposition in Spain. The motorcycle industry has presented in 2019 the best results of the decade. The numbers predict that the 2020 decade will be from the motorcycle, and specifically of the electric motorcycle.

The decade of the electric motor in Spain

The Desire to have a motorcycle or cyclomotor. On the one hand the big cities They rightly limit the circulation of cars in the central areas, on the other hand it is a more mobility solution cheap and effective. Almost 200,000 new motorcycles were enrolled in 2019, between motorcycles and cyclomotor, the latter, they rose in sales nothing more and nothing less than 23.4%. Of all these motorcycles, 6% have already been electric for only 1% of enrolled electric cars. It seems that it will be the electric motorcycles who will lead that transition from the combustion engine to the electric motor. Undoubtedly, Velca, will be a Spanish brand of electric motorcycles that will try to leave the pavilion very high and will battle for being the reference in Spain on the stage of the electric motor. We will do it with the values ​​that have taken us here: Humility, hard work, much illusion and putting customer satisfaction in the focus of our day to day. If you want to try a velca motorcycle you can do it by clicking on this link. See you in networks!

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