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Velca & La Pucaa

Velca & La Pucaa
Velca & La Peca lake, come together to give you the best October. For Velca, the most important thing is the people of our team, of our cities, and of course, also, with special affection, those of our Riders community. Therefore, we recently started a collaboration with Fishbowl... Iladería with some toppings to suck your fingers! ? We want to make your experience Velca much better and that's why we come to ask you this question today ...

Do you want two free topings?

Well, you're in luck! ? During this month of October, if you come to try one of our velcas, in this ice cream shop they give you two free topings. Our team will offer you this gift during the programmed appointment to try one of our electric motorcycles, and through a QR code you can have access to this gift to enjoy it when you want?

But ... What is the fishbowl? ?

Once this said, we want to tell you more detail a little more about this peculiar ice cream shop located in two locations in Madrid. The fishbowl has two stores located on Valverde Street, 2 and on Tetuán Street, 36 (Sol). Do you remember that feeling in summer to walk through the city center, on the beach or in your favorite park with your favorite ice cream? We love to share our time and of course, our best feelings with the people who care. The peculiarity of their ice cream of Japanese origin is that they add as complementary ingredients anything you can imagine: from mini cookies, cereals, cotton clouds ... all this to create true works of art in what we ice cream refer ourselves. The values ​​that the fishbowls carry in its DNA are naturalness, freshness, fun, innovation ... This is why its originality does not go unnoticed with only 3 years of existence as a business! Some media also place it as one of the references references in Spain. We invite you to extend the summer a little more and we encourage you to take an appointment to Try a velca. We wait for you with open arms (and with an ice cream in your hand)? Until the next Riders!?

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