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My first time on a motorcycle: Velca

My first time on a motorcycle: Velca
The Latin muse  Malacatín, but this time I would lead (total, in a velca literally takes us 3 minutes). My first time driving a motorcycle!

A new turn from the first time on a motorcycle

The Spanish electric motorcycle brand year 2020 in Madrid,  directly at your home capacity for two people removable battery  super affordable price. Las Velca Models Tramontana and Bora can drive them  Velca, is the electric motorcycle designed for demanding citizens, like me, like many. People who want cities with clean air and where you can enjoy the whispers of the birds or the live music of the streets, without a background murmurs. Relax Velca

Velca, and other synonyms for freedom

I have moved freely through the city.  120 km autonomy  faster than in the subway  The position in the office   here.

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