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Velca and the cities of the future

Velca and the cities of the future
The year 2020 is crazy, right? In this article "Velca and the cities of the future", we want to talk about two of the trends that already existed before the pandemic and that this 2020 is forcing us to rethink: technology and mobility.

Go for it! Velca and the cities of the future ...

First, we had all heard about industry 4.0, and about how technology was changing the way of living worldwide. In addition to how technological development was causing a great impact. With COVID-19, the use of everything digital has been accentuated as we know, has even saved and created new ways of working and has allowed us to maintain relationships with our loved ones. But well, this use of technology is also important for the development of the cities of the future in relation to sustainability, where Velca has an important role.

Have you ever considered how our transports can change here to 30 years for example?

Today we come to tell a cities model where the mobility sector is a strategic sector for each country and where also, digital transformation is a propulsion engine to it.

From innovations in technology, some of the characteristic points will be:

  • Electric vehicles: cars moved by electricity, motorcycles like usual velca as daily transport ...
  • Autonomous cars: that provide among others, the reduction of accidents and abuses in our streets and roads ...
  • Public transport infrastructures or emissions: complete fleets in adapted public transport cities, avoiding emissions and eliminating annoying noises.
  • The user at the Mobility Center: the user experience will increasingly be more personalized and adapted to the tastes and needs of consumers.

From the part of actions for the improvement for climate change, other characteristic points will be:

  • Management and use of energy.
  • Green spaces and bike lanes.
  • Measures to encourage the use of energy cars.
  • Waste management.
At the moment, the most advanced cities and in favor of the improvement of life within these (as well as their implementations) will probably sound like Stockholm, Frankfurt, Berlin, Oslo ... We would like to end by commenting on something common to both trends and it is the improvement of public health that we will obtain avoiding environmental pollution. According to the WHO, about seven million deaths are estimated every year for this type of pollution and around 800,000 in Europe. introduce electric mobility  We encourage you to take an appointment, visit our Velca Store and Try a velca. See you in the next article Riders! ?

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