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Advantages of electric motorcycle vs. electric car

Advantages of electric motorcycle vs. electric car
If you begin to raise electric mobility, you must have the point of view to the electric motorcycles, because every day they are much more interesting than the previous one.

That because? Here are some advantages of the electric motorcycle vs. electric car?

1. Purchase price.

The first of the many advantages of the electric motorcycle is the price. Motorcycles are reputed not to be especially one of the most economical means of transport if we measure them with their friends: cars. And much less if we talk about electric models, but things are changing. Moreover, we tell you that by 2200€ You can have a motorcycle ... Do you believe us? Well, to tell the truth, it is not any motorcycle, it is ours Velca Bora. A motorcycle that will surprise you in terms of comfort, style and autonomy. ?

2. Autonomy and maintenance. ?

A very notable advantage of electric motorcycles is autonomy, a fairly decisive factor when buying a vehicle of these characteristics. Regret less and not have as many accessories as a car (radio, air conditioning, etc). It consumes a smaller amount of energy and there is much more left to move there Done pleases us.

3. Relationship of weight with power. ?

Another of the great advantages of the electric motorcycle against the electric car, is that having much less weight, it needs much less power to reach the same speed. In addition, another of the advantages is that The batteries are usually ready in a shorter period of time. A full -fledged 2x1! ⚡️

In case all these advantages have not made you opt for electric motorcycles, we go with all the cargo.

Get ready!

4. Time to look for parking!

Yes, it's time to park and you know. It is a Wednesday morning and you go with your car to a very important meeting, you arrive "just" time because you have caught a jam and there is no free place. In the end you will have to take a little longer and leave it in a parking lot. Well, this "super advantage" on electric motorcycles depends, in general aspects, on the municipalities, but it is normal that both motorcycles and cyclomotor can park on the sidewalks, these being wide enough and without another rule than what Prohibit, so you can park your cyclomotor or motorcycle "at the door" of the place where you have the meeting. Mola, huh?

In total, you would have saved approximately 20 minutes. What do we get so many? We explain to you.

If you had taken at the beginning of this beautiful story, an electric motorcycle, you can have forgotten the traffic jams and walk about 3 or 4 laps until you find room. I am very clear, tomorrow I'm going to try a velca. And you? We will wait for you!

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