This is how a 100% electric Velca is manufactured 'made in Spain'

The Tramontana S, with 60% of Spanish raw materials, is the first motorcycle entirely produced in Madrid, being one of the first motorcycles manufactured in Spain with a Spanish homologation password. The municipality of Coslada hosts the production of a one hundred percent electric scooter, the Tramontana S, with 60% of

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Michelin and Velca join forces for sustainability and safety.

The Spanish electric motorcycle brand Velca will equip MICHELIN tires, which will be supplied by Neumáticos Andrés. MICHELIN City Grip 2 is the first multi-purpose scooter tire specially developed for mobility in large cities. From this month of April, all the vehicles of Velca, the Spanish brand of electric motorcycles that aspires to

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Legal basis for @hugoperezcabaleiro draw

Legal bases raffle @hugoperezcabaleiro. LEGAL BASES OF THE PROMOTION. Contest to win a Velca Tramontana electric motorcycle. THE PROMOTION. The promoter and person in charge of the personal data file of the #velca contest is Rhino Electric Motors, SL, domiciled at Calle Piamonte 23, 28014, Madrid. In order to promote its visibility on social networks and

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The electric motorcycle of 2021: Velca Tramontana Sport

Today we come to recommend the favorite electric motorcycle of our customers in 2021: La Velca Tramontana S. And if you are still not very clear about the reasons why you should buy an electric motorcycle, we will try to make you fall in love and make a match with this motorcycle. ❤ History of the Velca Tramontana S. La Velca Tramontana

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How are our electric motorcycles produced?

The electric motorcycle in Spain is an accessory that is becoming essential for our day to day. The population grows in the cities and, although with work there are people who begin to migrate to the outskirts, the crowds of vehicles continue to make the mobility of cities continue to be an aspect of

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The history of the electric motorcycle.

First data in the history of the electric motorcycle. It seems that the history of the electric motorcycle is recent, but no. Although much more has been said about it in recent years, its history begins in the late 1860s. According to various sources, the first patents found date back to the late 1860s.

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What electric motorcycle to buy?

Still haven't made up your mind and don't know which electric motorcycle to buy? Don't worry, here we leave you the information you need to make up your mind at once! What electric motorcycle to buy? Within the Velca family we have several perfect options that adapt to your needs. Are you READY to meet them? LET'S GO! Velca BORA

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Why buy an electric motorcycle?

Still not clear why you should buy an electric motorcycle? Do not worry because here we leave you 3 key reasons why you need to buy an electric motorcycle. Why buy an electric motorcycle? Well, very simple colleagues, the green revolution has come stomping and also with the intention of staying. We want

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Do you really know the origin of Black Friday?

Everybody talked last week about Black Friday but ... do you really know where Black Friday originated? Origin of Black Friday There are many theories around this concept that is more than established in Spanish commerce. According to several historians, the most widely accepted theory is the following: Are you ready?

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Electric motorcycles and driving licenses

What are the equivalent electric motorcycles and driving licenses? Perhaps in these months, in this last year you have considered the option of switching to electric mobility, but you do not have much notion or information about this new trend of sustainable mobility. From Velca, the information to our riders and everyone

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