Do you have any questions or problems? Find here the most frequently asked questions about your Velca.

What license do I need to drive a Velca Tramontana or Velca Bora?

Our Velca Tramontana and Velca Bora are approved as mopeds, so you can enjoy them with the AM license or the A1, A2, A or B car cards.
Our Velca Tramontana S and Velca Calima are homologated as a motorcycle, so you can enjoy it with the A1, A2, A or B car license with 3 years old.

What autonomy does it have?

The Velca Tramontana up to 100 km with its two batteries equipped.
The Velca Bora up to 50 km, although it could be 100 km if you have an extra charged battery to exchange.
If you drive the Velca Calima you can enjoy it up to 80 km in a row.
The Velca Tramontana S has a range of up to 90 km.

What is its maximum speed?

You can reach 50km / h with the Tramontana and the Bora.
With the Velca Calima you can go up to 80 km / h.
The Velca Tramontana S reaches 85 km / h.

Where and how can I recharge it?

You can recharge the removable batteries in any socket at home or in your office. You can also do it directly from the motorcycle itself.

How long do I need to recharge it?

From 0% load to 100%, between 5 and 6 hours.

How much does a recharge cost?

Recharging each battery has an approximate cost of 30 cents although it depends on the rate you have contracted.

How can I buy it?

Directly online you can choose the Velca that best suits you here!. We will contact you to make the delivery as soon as possible.

Can I see it and try it?

Yes, of course, fill in our form here! and we ourselves will contact you to make an appointment.

What guarantee do you have?

It has a 2-year warranty.

I just placed my order, what happens next?

After you have made the pre-order, you will receive a confirmation email. Later, we will send you a first invoice to confirm the pre-order when making the transfer. We will collect the necessary data to carry out all the procedures and we will inform you of each step so that you have your Velca as soon as possible.

How will I receive my Velca?

You can receive it at home for € 50 in the Community of Madrid, or for € 150 for shipping costs within the Peninsula. If you prefer, you can collect it for FREE in our space and thus meet us personally and take a gift. Remember that we deliver your Velca already registered and with all the necessary papers so that you can circulate from that moment.

If I want to receive it at home, who will deliver my Velca?

One of our specialists will take care of delivering your new Velca. In addition, it will solve any questions you may have and explain all the attached documentation.

At what times can delivery take place?

We are very flexible, we will contact you and schedule a delivery appointment, when it suits you best.

What is the delivery day like?

Surely a happy day and ... with some surprises!
Make sure to inspect your Velca together with our specialist for damage in transit and inform us immediately if you find something is wrong.
Make sure to also review all the documents that we will deliver to you.
Your Velca battery will always arrive with some charge so that you can test it immediately.

What about returns?

If you wish to return your Velca, you should contact our team as soon as possible to study the reason for the return, but remember that if we have already started the registration process, your Velca cannot be refunded.

What is the maintenance cost?

Practically zero. It has no filters, valves, spark plugs, oil, belts, chains, brushed motor, etc ...
A periodic review will be around the cost of one hour of labor.

How long is the battery life expectancy?

Around 800 cycles (depending on the Velca model). This is, with normal use, a durability of approximately 6 years.
If you need another battery of ours (with LG cells), they are available by:

  • € 600 for the Bora.
  • € 650 for the Tramontana.
  • € 1000 for the Calima.
  • € 1300 for the Tramontana S.

 What is the average consumption of your Velca?

Between € 0.40 and € 0.60 for every 100 km traveled; including light, maintenance and battery change.

Does my velca need insurance?

Yes, and we also have an alliance with Mapfre so that you have exclusive prices on your insurance.

Do I have to pay road tax, ITV and register the motorcycle?

You have to settle those taxes and payments like a normal motorcycle and also, if you prefer, we take care of all these procedures. In electric motorcycles the registration tax of the tax agency is exempt. In addition, the road tax is subsidized. The previous ITV, registration fee and the registration plate are expenses to be paid. If you want, the motorcycle will arrive at your home registered and with the badge so you can access any part of your city.

How often do I have to pass the ITV?

In the case of a moped, it must pass the ITV after 3 years of first registration and pass it again every 2 years. For a motorcycle, the ITV must be passed after 4 years of first registration and it must be passed again every 2 years.