The electric motorcycle in Spain is an accessory that is becoming essential for our day to day. The population grows in the cities and, although with work there are people who begin to migrate to the outskirts, the crowds of vehicles continue to make the mobility of the cities continue to be an aspect of improvement. That's why hoy we come to tell you how our electric motorcycles are produced.


  • How our star electric motorcycle is produced: La Velca Tramontana S.

La Tramontana S is manufactured in the production center of Quazzar Technologies SL, registered in the manufacturers registry in the Ministry of Industry as well as in the automobile certification unit (UCA). In addition, the Velca Tramontana S is one of the only motorcycles made in Spain with a Spanish homologation password.

The Quazzar factory is located in Coslada (Madrid), and can be consulted in the automobile certification unit itself (UCA), which certifies that its motorcycles are the only ones manufactured in Spain with a Spanish homologation password. 

The factory address is on the website itself and can be visited (in case you want to soak up the process).


  • Guarantees and extra services of our Tramontana S. Velca accompanies you until the end.

Our alliance with the Onneu service points means that we have a network of more than 200 after-sales service points in Spain: Velca Guardian by Onneu, which will provide support to our users at the moment and as close as possible to where they request it.


Apart from this service we take care of:

? Manage enrollment.

? Send the motorcycle to your home in case you need it (you can select the option at the end of your purchase).

? We check your Velca when it has its first 1.000 km, 5.000 km and every 5.000 km.

? We take care of helping you with your insurance.


How are the rest of our electric motorcycles produced?

  • The production process of our Velca Tramontana, Velca Calima and Velca Bora.

Our partner in China is in charge of producing the rest of our Velcas in its logistics center. After a prior exhaustive and face-to-face control of Velca workers in China, we proceed to transport the motorcycles to Spain. 

Once they arrive at our logistics center in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), they go through a second quality control and enter a post-production process in which we include "upgrades" such as the assembly of tires. Dunlop, improvements in the finishes and anchors of the motorcycles, as well as all the Velca branding. 

Finally, our motorcycles pass their third quality control before leaving for our clients' homes, our store or our distribution points, allowing us to control the quality of the product we offer.

In addition, in Velca we are registered as representatives in Spain of our manufacturer in China, and our brand and model of Velca appear on our technical sheets. 


  • Guarantees and extra services. Velca accompanies you to the end.

As with the Tramontana S you have:

? Service of a network of workshops in Spain with 100% coverage (Velca Guardians).

? We manage your registration.

? We send the motorcycle to your home, in case you need it (you can select the option when finishing your purchase)

? We periodically review your Velca.

? We take care of helping you with your insurance.


Thanks to this, we can offer you 2-year warranties on all models that, added to our after-sales service, ensure that the satisfaction and needs of our customers are always covered.


  • Design of our motorcycles and finishes.

The design of the motorcycle is not its own, but the finishes are. For that reason, you could find motorcycles from other brands with great similarities to ours. What we can assure first hand is that the quality is not the same and the guarantees are not the same either.

We hope we have been able to answer all your questions about how our electric motorcycles are produced.

See you in the next article!

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