Did you know that with a Velca you can climb any slope? Yes, yes, also January. 

And not only that! Forget about making the end of the month, losing a pasture on gasoline and getting your hair stand on end every time the mechanic on duty invokes the words "filter change" in your visits to the workshop. Now I save thanks to Velca, I'll tell you how it all started: 

Six months ago, around the table of a bar Malasana. We were discussing like every year, a worthy destination in which to receive 2020

- Asturias! - Victor exclaimed. 

- Better a warm place! - Elisa added. 

- I know we were there last year, but what do you think… Benidorm! - I said resigned. 

- Nothing about that! - Maria said leaving her helmet Velca electric motorcycle on the table - This year we will go to Cuba!

-But aunt are you crazy! That we are peeled! How does  do you want us to go to cuba? - Victor was freaking out.

-The answer you have on the table! - Maria replied with a enigmatic smile looking at his helmet - Since I have the electric motorbike I save 200 bucks every month

- But what do you say Maria? YOU'RE GOING CRAZY! - This, as in the movies, the three of us said in unison. 

- I will give you the best advice of your life: If you want to see  sunset in Varadero and have a mojito in Havana while you greet the new year, you can already open your ears. 

There it goes…

As you know, before having my electric motorcycle, I always moved by car. Every month I had to spend at least 200 euros to fill the tank, but now to charge the battery of the expense electric motorbike only 19 euros per month. As it is portable, I can take the batteries anywhere to charge them at home or in the office. 

Not to mention that with my velca I get everywhere without leaving a smoke screen in my path

But hey, that's another problem ... What also has to do with saving! 

Like the one now they have all electric vehicles in the main cities thanks to its respect for the environment! Before, I couldn't even think about entering the city center due to anti-pollution protocols. Every time they activated one of the restrictive scenarios, he had to pull the public transport or the companies they shared electric vehicles, with those who paid more in a day than in a month with my velca . WITHOUT FORGETTING THE FINES THAT THEY SHUT ME UP WHEN NOR I KNEW!

And worst of all not to save: Maintenance! 

Every year when the car passed the checkup, it was shaking. Between filters, oil changes, and a few unexpected repairs, I didn't even know what to expect. Remember the year I didn't go on vacation because they left the account shaking!

The best thing I have done and that you also have to do is ditch the car and get a electric motorcycle. 

Does my Velca stand alone?

I have been with her for a year and have not had a single breakdown. The review passed a week ago and my electric motorbike it is like new. 

And if you are still thinking about it, I remind you of the bonuses and saving in the taxes of registration and circulation what do they all have electric vehicles.

velca experience

Our face must be a poem because after that unexpected "speech", Maria stopped to take a breath and blurted out:

-What! Any questions?

- To what we, as fresh off the series "Friends", we answered - ¿¡When do we go!? AND GO IF WE LEFT! 

I write these words to you from Varadero. We are getting even the yuca boots with mojo and patacón, but don't worry, we bring it down with our good salsa sessions.

I leave you, that Maria calls me ascent in an "almendrón", the typical old cars that can be seen all over Cuba . Here they still don't have electric motorcycles! ¡With how easy it is to use! You will see how Maria will talk to the drivers ... They change the "almendrón" for a velca in two days!


Publishing company: Martha Critician

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