La contamination of the environment and it is a fact. So, buy a electric motorbike it could be the solution to a problem of increasingly uncontrollable dimensions. In this article we tell you how much would you stop polluting with an electric motorcycle. If you are still not worried about the sustainability in citiesWhen you finish reading this article, tell me.

Stop polluting


Rising temperatures, increased respiratory diseases and allergies, and the increasingly visible “brown beret” that cities, no matter how cool they are like Madrid, should never wear, are some of the consequences that we suffer today due to the contamination.

Contamination that could be drastically reduced in city centers if we opt for buy a electric motorbike. I take this opportunity to say that if you are still doubting whether to catch one or not, why not try it by doing click here?

We are not going to fool ourselves, buy a electric motorbike It does not solve the whole problem, but it is an alternative to motor vehicles that with their CO2 emissions worsen the situation of the car every day. the environment


Well, for example, the equivalent of the two cigarettes that you smoke every day.

How? What are you not a smoker !? 

It has nothing to do, thanks to the contamination It is no longer necessary to consume tobacco so that our body suffers the same damage as a person who smokes.

That a day, because every week supplying combustion vehicles by electric vehicles We would stop polluting the same as the largest coal plant in the country, which emits 6,9 million CO2 per year. 

And… hold on! Because we are only taking into account the traffic jams in Madrid that gather a million cars every day ...

But let's not stay alone in the present LET'S LOOK TO THE FUTURE! 

velca contaminates

Every two years, electric motorcycles would help to stop polluting the same as half of the world's volcanoes. And volcanoes emit between 271 and 319 million tons of CO2 annually into the atmosphere.


Well you should, because unfortunately all these estimates still remain far from being eliminated. 

This means, for example, that when you leave home to go to work or do some “running” in the park, your body will be absorbing methane, sulfur dioxide and benzene. A lethal cocktail made up of these and other particles that have their origin in the combustion of fossil fuels. 

Fuels that a electric vehicle does not need and whose contamination produces more than 10.000 deaths a year in Spain. 

Remember that in Madrid alone the morning traffic brings together a million cars every day! 

Imagine the amount of CO2 that is emitted into the atmosphere and that could be drastically reduced if we use alternatives that are not contaminants with the environment. 


And being aware that it is not only worth recycling, that responsible consumption with the the environment It also happens to discard the means of transport with which until now we have contributed to to pollute our cities. 

Let us contribute now to change, to the future with the use of electric vehicles, sustainable, zero contaminants, devoid of any emission and respectful with the the environment

We still have time to quit smoking.

We leave you the link to our last post, in which we talk about what would you save using an electric motorcycle around the city. Velca is the 2020 electric motorcycle, And he has come to stay! Click here to try it totally free.

Editor: Martha Critician