The shift to sustainable mobility.

Velca is the Spanish brand of 100% electric motorcycles, with removable batteries that you charge like your smartphone. We generate positive impact in cities. 0 emissions and 0 noise.

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We are the electric motorcycle brand with the most community in Europe.

+ 60k

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May 2022 data

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CO2 saved in urban centers

27,5 ton

Calculated Apr/21: (CO2 saved/Km/Vehicle) x (Average of 350km per vehicle) x (650 vehicles)
Average CO2 emissions from vehicles with a combustion engine in 2021: 121g / km

Equivalent to fill


olympic pools

1 Ton of CO2 = 510m3. Pool 50x12x2,5m = 1500m3

Velca was the Spanish brand with the most electric moped registrations in 2021

[…] Velca, the Spanish brand of electric motorcycles and mopeds, has registered more than 400 electric vehicles in 2021. […]

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Award as the best brand of electric motorcycles in Europe to the Galician Velca

[…] The Galician electric vehicle company Velca, founded by the Galician Emilio Froján, once again achieved another great recognition. […]

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Emilio Froján: «Velca is already the Spanish electric moped brand with the most registrations»

[…] the Spanish brand of electric motorcycles and mopeds closed, at the end of 2020, its first round of investment through Crowdcube (in less than four hours, they raised €750.000) […]

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The Galician Emilio Froján will represent Spain in the Startup World Cup

[…] In September 2021, the electric vehicle brand Velca, founded by the Galician entrepreneur Emilio Froján, was selected as the best startup in the world at the Olé International Startup Congress. […]

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They say about us:

"Velca is a company that contributes to making our operations more sustainable every day"
Galicia Star 0,0
Incorporating Velca in El Corte Inglés is a commitment to the sustainable revolution of cities."
MotorTown, El Corte Ingles
"Electric scooters are a good option as they represent a form of sustainable and efficient mobility for cities."
Banco Santander, Director of Culture, commitment and employee experience



XIII National Marketing Awards – 2021


Global Green Business Awards – 2021

best pitch

International Congress Startup Olé – 2021

Best Startup

Lacon Network Startup Congress – 2021