The shift to sustainable mobility.

Velca is the Spanish brand of 100% electric motorcycles, with removable batteries that you charge like your smartphone. We generate positive impact in cities with 0 emissions and 0 noise in your city.

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We are the electric motorcycle brand with the most community in Europe.

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CO2 saved in urban centers

10,6 ton

Calculated Apr / 21: (CO2 saved / Km / Vehicle) x (Average of 350km per vehicle) x (250 vehicles)
Average CO2 emissions from vehicles with a combustion engine in 2021: 121g / km

Equivalent to fill


1 Ton of CO2 = 510m3. Pool 25x12x2,5m = 750m3


“Velca is the first company in the sector to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method

“Velca is one of the main protagonists of change in 2021

“The brand of electric motorcycles that all instagramers want.

“Velca will lead the registrations of electric motorcycles in 2021"

“Velca is a brand with a great commitment to the environment, health and coexistence in cities

Electric motorcycles with a removable battery that can be charged from any household outlet

“The least polluting, quickest, cheapest and most effective way to move around the city

“The brave project of 100% electric motorcycles to transform mobility in cities"

They say about us:

"Electric scooters are a good option as they represent a form of sustainable and efficient mobility for cities."

Banco Santander, Director of Culture, commitment and employee experience

"Velca is a company that contributes to making our operations more sustainable every day"

Galicia Star 0,0

"Incorporating Velca in El Corte Inglés is a commitment to the sustainable revolution of cities."

MotorTown, El Corte Ingles