Today we come to recommend the favorite electric motorcycle of our customers in 2021: La Velca Tramontana S. And if you are still not very clear about the reasons why you should buy an electric motorcycle, we will try to make you fall in love and make a match with this motorcycle. ❤


History of the Velca Tramontana S.

The Velca Tramontana S is made 100% in Spain (specifically in Coslada). It's our most popular electric motorcycle, and it's taken to a whole new level.

Technical characteristics of the Velca Tramontana Sport.

Our star electric motorcycle has a maximum speed of 90km / h and a maximum range of 100Km. Its motor is silent, but don't be confused, it is 4000W.

To drive it you will need an A1 or B car license (3 years old).

Curiosities about the Velca Tramontana S.

La Tramontana S  It is one of the only motorcycles made in Spain with a Spanish homologation password. The factory address is on the website itself and can be visited (in case you want to soak up the process).

Security and guarantees. We accompany you to the end.

Our alliance with service points Onneu means that we have a network of more than 200 after-sales service points in Spain: Velca Guardian by Onneu, which will provide support to our users at the moment and as close as possible to where they request it.


Apart from this service we take care of:

? Manage enrollment.

? Send the motorcycle to your home in case you need it (you can select the option at the end of your purchase).

? We check your Velca when it has its first 1.000 km, 5.000 km and every 5.000 km.

? We take care of helping you with your insurance.


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