The Spanish electric motorcycle brand Velca will equip MICHELIN tires, which will be supplied by Neumáticos Andrés.

MICHELIN City Grip 2 is the first multi-purpose scooter tire specially developed for mobility in large cities.

Starting this April, all Velca vehicles, the Spanish electric motorcycle brand that aspires to lead the ranking of electric mopeds in 2021, will incorporate MICHELIN tires as standard, which will be supplied by Andrés Neumáticos, the leading distributor in Spain and Portugal.

In this way, Velca, a brand of 100% electric motorcycles with removable batteries that can be charged in any domestic outlet, joins forces with Michelin for safer and more sustainable mobility at a time when the importance of decongestion in urban areas and social distance have made the motorcycle one of the smartest ways to get around in big cities.

Velca will incorporate MICHELIN City Grip 2 tires into its production process as standard equipment for its electric scooters. Velca's CEO, Emilio Froján, has indicated in this regard:

"Michelin for us is a brand that perfectly represents values ​​such as safety, experience and trust that are fundamental in two-wheeled mobility".

MICHELIN City Grip 2 is a multipurpose tire for scooters that is M + S certified, so it adapts to all weather conditions and all types of surfaces that can be found in urban areas, and is suitable for all four seasons. anus. Its innovative rubber compound and tread pattern provide unprecedented grip in the wet and on slippery surfaces, without sacrificing durability and maintaining performance up to the last kilometer, an intrinsic characteristic of MICHELIN tires.

Pedro Álvarez, Michelin Iberian Peninsula 2-Wheel Sales Director, declares:

"It is a great satisfaction to participate together with Neumáticos Andrés in this alliance with Velca, an example of innovation, 'Made in Spain' and sustainability, values ​​that fit perfectly with Michelin's commitment to safe and environmentally friendly mobility. the environment within our strategy All Sustainable in 2050 ”.

For its part, César Flores, Production Director of Velca, Add:

"Incorporating Michelin tires means betting on tires with exceptional grip that are perfectly adapted to the orography of cities and have an idyllic behavior for all weather conditions."

Iván Andrés, vice president of Grupo Andrés, highlights:

"This  alianza symbolizes very well what the consumer is looking for today: responsible and committed brands, with top-of-the-line products. It is a pleasure to have these fellow travelers and to walk together towards the future of mobility ”.


Source: Michelin and Velca join forces for sustainability and safety. (2021, April 21). Michelin press space.