It comes. What's more, they are already here and they have come to stay.

If you read it quickly it seems crazy, if you pay attention and give it a spin you will see that these people promise. And it is that, who would have thought to sell electric motorcycles online was it a good idea?

It is inevitable to echo the many (and increasingly) news that invade us every day in relation to climate change, its importance and possible solutions to counteract it. The electric vehicle It is increasingly present in your city, and its use is a great way to help reduce pollution and noise levels. This is where Velca comes in, the electric motorcycle of 2020

Velca, offers the opportunity to buy the motorcycle you have always wanted or, what you have often considered: change it for your car to save on fuel, find easy parking or avoid those terrible traffic jams. Being also a 100% electric motorcycle. ??

Electric motorcycles online? … Ah, I DO! ☝

Best of all, it doesn't end there. In a society in which we are increasingly predisposed to online shopping and where the purchase of electric vehicles is being encouraged, Velca has seized the opportunity by adding a key factor to this equation: Trust

I tell you my experience:?

I work about 6 kilometers from my house. The combination by subway does not catch me too well having to make two changes. I am also lucky to have a parking space in the gigs (thank goodness). Until two weeks ago I took my car every day and in about 25-30 minutes of nothing (after getting stuck and being lucky) I would be at work. So day after day. Ah! Of course, add to this the return time and the time it takes to park in the neighborhood, that's another ... Total, more than an hour of the day wasted, more than an hour of my time. The most valuable thing we have that is not recovered. ? ⌚

Several times I had the idea of ​​buying a motorcycle, but for some things or for others, in the end "with the agustito that I go in my car","the traffic jam is what there is, if there are many of us. It is normal." Bla bla bla… Cheap excuses! 

Until about a month ago, I had the opportunity to meet the people of Velca through through a friend and ... WONDERFUL!

"Sales electric motorcycles online”- They began to tell me.

At first it did not make much sense to him, but his speech and the solution they propose are worth listening to. ?

Velca, apart from proposing a solution with a positive impact on urban mobility when buying your motorcycle, tries reduce user effort to a minimum. Both in the purchase process and in the after-sales service, betting on your comfort.

If I had to define them, I would highlight their proximity, availability and the trust they transmit. And it is that, beyond the sale of an electric motorcycle, they attach great importance to "AS?”, And that is to value. ?

electric motorcycles online

The amount of facilities that Velca offers in the process of buying an electric motorcycle online, highlighting the accessibility and ease of payment: From being able to request a test of your Bora or Tramontana models, solving any questions that may arise through your WhatsApp chat or help email, to being able to make a pre-order. All this, doing a single "click" from your smartphone, tablet or PC. "Easy, simple and for the whole family" what would that one say. ?

The after-sales service is differentiating, since apart from helping you if your electric motorcycle suffers a breakdown, they offer an assistance service to take your motorcycle to the closest or trustworthy workshop, and they even give you the option of sending a technician home to fix it.


A user experience focused on creating community, and based on closeness and the desire to enjoy what we most appreciate, OUR TIME, make Velca, mi Spanish brand of electric motorcycles online ( "and every day that of more people, even if they use a motorcycle for the first time").

New year, new resolutions, new decisions. Generating positive impact, saving and having more time available. I already have my Velca at the door of my house. Are you ready to have your new electric motorcycle delivered to your door? Start by try it for free