In a few months, thanks to the hard work of our team, we have been able to launch 4 new motorcycle models, which has led us to start this new round of investment today. Bora, Tramontana, Tramontana S and Calima are inspired by classic designs and include sophisticated technology. They contain a removable battery for charging at home, USB ports, a security alarm, LED lighting, and a remote control.

Since our last investment round, in which we achieved a record in Spain raising € 750.000 in less than 4 hours, we have gone one step further and have become one of the benchmark startups in Europe. But not only that, we have managed to impact and grow in various ways:

  • In just a few months, we are already the most followed Spanish electric vehicle brand on Instagram, with + 55k followers; and the motorcycle brand with the most ininteractions on social networks such as LinkedIn.
  • In our In the first 10 months we have sold more than 250 electric motorcycles. The prestigious Forbes magazine has selected us as one of the 21 protagonists of change in Spain.
  • We have activated 15 points of sale throughout Spain we have more than 200 partner workshops for maintenance service. We are the only electric motorcycle brand that sells in El Corte Inglés.

You may be wondering, why did we decide to enter the electric motorcycle market and create Velca?

The Climate Summit, environmental policies and Sustainable Development Goals make us realize the need for a new form of sustainable mobility. A positive change that policy makers promote to favor the use of clean and efficient vehicles in cities.

The business volume of electric motorcycles has grown + 200% in the last 4 years and electric motorcycles already account for + 8% of the registrations of the total number of motorcycles.

Despite COVID, during 2020 electric motorcycle registrations increased by 30% while car registrations decreased by almost 30%.


And speaking of data, do you know how much CO2 have we saved in urban centers?

10,6 Tons of CO, the equivalent of filling 7,2 pools.

And yes, now we only have to ask you ...

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