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The change to sustainable mobility.
Velca is the Spanish 100% electric motorcycle brand, with removable batteries that you load like your smartphone. We generate positive impact on cities.  

CO2 saved in urban nuclei 27.5ton

Average CO2 emissions of vehicles with combustion engine in 2021: 121g/km


It is equivalent to filling 9.5 Olympic swimming pools

1 ton of CO2 = 510m3. Pool 50x12x2.5m = 1500m3

Our community
We are the brand of electric motorcycles with more community in Europe.



4,6 ★

They say about us:

"Electric motorcycles are a good option because they suppose a form of sustainable and efficient mobility for cities."

Banco Santander, director of Culture, Commitment and Employee Experience

"Velca is a company that contributes to our operations increasingly sustainable"

Galicia Estrella 0.0

"Incorporating Velca in El Corte Inglés is a commitment to the sustainable revolution of cities."

Town motor, El Corte Inglés

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