August Special: Buy a Tramontana Helmet, insurance, trunk and 1st service for free!

At the door of your house


- Collection in a completely free store.

- Community of Madrid: € 50

- Rest of the Peninsula: € 170

Ready to drive


We take care of ourselves! Prior ITV, Taxes, Environmental Distinctive, etc. When we give you your velca you will only have to worry about enjoying.

We manage your insurance

From the hand of Mapfre we offer you different insurance options with a very competitive and closed price.

In good hands


Your velca is 3 years old since the day of delivery.

Post-sale service

If your velca needs any repair or is the time of your periodic review, contact our phone or support mail and we will attend you instantly to give you a solution as quickly as possible. Always at your disposition.
623400335 //

Velca Guardians Network

If a problem with your velca has emerged and you need any repair or it is the time of its periodic review, call us or write to us and we will take care of deriving your nearest velca guardian.

We currently collaborate with Onneu, we have a network of more than 200 service points in Spain

User manuals

Action guide if your velca spoils, steal it or if you have an accident with it.

Download pdf

Always connected

Komobi GPS locator

- Smart keychain

- 2 years of connectivity

- Premium location

- Technical support

- Multidispositive

- Facility

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