Well, well, well ... We don't know how many times you have asked us what license is needed to drive an electric motorcycle. Well, you will finally have the answer by reading today's article.


It all depends on the Velca you have in your hands (we know you would like to have them all hehe).

License that I need to drive a Bora or a Tramontana:

In the event that you had a Velca Bora or a Velca Tramontane It will be very, very easy. You can drive them from the age of 15 with the "AM" motorcycle driving license or higher. Of course, with the "B" license (your lifetime car license) you can also drive them without problems.











License that I need to drive a Calima or a Tramontana S:

In the case of the Velca Calima or Velca Tramontana S is different. These two beauties are classified as 125cc equivalent motorcycles, with a power less than 11Kw.

With these characteristics, you will be able to drive them from the age of 16 with the “A1” motorcycle license or another that is higher. You can also drive them with the license "B" (the car again hehe) with 3 years of experience.

You see, we can't make it easier for you.

If you are like the majority of people over 18 years of age, who took out their card as soon as they were completed, you can use a Velca Bora or a Tramontana (if you have not taken it out yet, it is already machine time).

And if you are not of legal age yet (we know you are looking forward to it), you can also use our Velcas by removing either the "AM" permit or the "A1" permit.


We hope that we have solved all your family questions!

See you in the next Riders article! ?