Emilio Froján is co-founder and CEO of Velca, a Spanish brand of electric motorcycles, with a removable battery, which can be charged in any domestic socket. Emilio Froján is co-founder and CEO of Velca, a Spanish brand of electric motorcycles, with a removable battery, which can be charged in any domestic socket.

The Spanish market for electric motorcycles is growing rapidly. The Climate Summit, environmental policies and traffic restrictions in the main urban areas, urge companies and individuals to be more aware of the need to adapt to more sustainable mobility. Despite the economic and health crisis in which we are still immersed, there is a Spanish business niche for electric motorcycles, at the grow more than 30% in 2020. In fact, these vehicles already account for more than 8% of all motorcycle registrations and in the last six years, the electric motorcycle market it has grown more than 800%.

In the words of Emilio Froján, CEO of Velca: "People are moving less, but it is clear that the progressive restrictions on traffic (of fossil fuels) in urban areas will facilitate the sale of sustainable vehicles," he explains. Today Velca is the leading Spanish brand in the number of registrations of electric mopeds for the sixth consecutive month.

When velca, the Spanish brand of electric motorcycles and mopeds closed, at the end of 2020, its first round of investment through Crowdcube (in less than four hours, they raised € 750.000), its team did not imagine that, just a year later, they would have a direct pass to represent Spain in the semifinal of the Startup World Cup, organized by Pegasus Tech Ventures.

Velca's founders, from left, David Cepeda (Head of Vehicles Operations), Emilio Froján (CEO), Sergio Soler (Head of Product), José Manuel Campillo (CMO), Marta Rosell (Head of Sales), and César Flores (Head of Supply Chain) photographed by Laura Flores.

The competition will take place in San Francisco (USA), next November, with the chance to win $ 1 million. Emilio Froján, a resident of Caldas de Reis (Galicia), already had experience as a protagonist of the homeland mobility ecosystem, he was Director of Operations of VOI, one of the startups of micro mobility leaders in Europe. In February of last year they decided to create a more suitable mobility solution for the Spanish market. "We have the vision of reducing pollution to zero in our cities, we want healthy environments in every way," he emphasizes.

To achieve its expansion throughout Europe, Velca has just closed a new investment round of € 2.1M. "We have recently opened in Portugal and we will be in France and Switzerland very soon."

The head of the company, which now adds XNUMX people to the team, believes that Madrid is the European capital of electric mobility. "Our climate encourages, especially on the Mediterranean coast, to create fans of this type of vehicle", he points out, and is confident that industry can be generated around electric vehicles during this new decade.

One of the main mobility startups in Europe

Since they opened their first physical store in the capital, they have activated twenty sales centers around the country, with the integration of 200 after-sales centers located in all regions, which translates into more than 400 two-wheelers sold. Velca is also the first vehicle company to integrate and accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method in Europe

On the other hand, today, they are one of the startups European electric vehicles with the most followers on social networks, whose strategy has been marked by the adhesion of opinion leaders and different influential profiles from the business and entertainment scene. "Us We have built the brand around our community and we understand that the marketing begins, above all, by listening. From day one, we paid attention to the feedback from our customers to continue developing our product ”, confesses Froján.

Last June, Velca became The Best Startup in Galicia, award granted by the Lacon Network and last month Velca was chosen BEST startup World at the Startup Ole International Congress among more than 250 finalists held in Salamanca, attended by more than 250 emerging companies from thirty different countries. Velca's pitch was chosen in the mobility vertical, granting them a pass to the grand final against the winners of thirteen other verticals.

Production in Spain

Motorcycle vehicle manufacturers have never gotten together enough compared to others lobbies industrial who took advantage of any occasion to be in the ministerial buildings. The reduction in motorcycle sales and the economic crisis made it unattractive to create motorcycle brands in Spain.

One of the novelties that Velca presented in 2021 was the birth of its Tramontana S, fully assembled in Spain and made up of 70% Spanish materials. This has also made them the first electric motorcycle production company in Madrid. «In addition, our Velcas are already connected in the street through our location and connectivity system powered by Komobi«.

Emilio is proud to add relevant collaborations with companies such as Galicia Star 0,0 o Michelin and having recently received the National Marketing Award in the category of startupsVelca was also the first vehicle company in Europe to execute sales with cryptocurrencies.



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