If this new year you want to fulfill all your purposes: BUY AN ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE.

We are sorry to be a spoilsport, but if someone tells you that this year you will be able to do everything you have set out to do with the new decade entry, it will be you selling motorbike (electric). Or not? doubt velca

Quit smoking, not miss any plans with your tribe, save money, eat better, find the love of your life, lose a few pounds, not see your life pass before your eyes in traffic jams ... Read on and you will discover how a electric motorbike it can change your life in your day to day! Velca motorcycle

Could 2020 be your year? Could it be the electric motorbike the solution to your problems?

The story could start on any given day in Madrid, with 24 hours ahead to spend on things that count:

One moment! Spoilers warning! What do I suspect that you are already beginning to visualize ...

Before you start imagining an improved version of yourself in electric motorbike, some caution and miracles, to Lourdes. Remember that you will also have to do something on your part, so having said that, what we can assure you without a doubt is that with velca , 2020 electric motorcycle you will change your life for the better.

Inside imagination!

You start first thing in the morning with your velca and you decide to go downtown. Breakfast on Gran Vía to see what the tourists feel? With your electric motorbike you can, without fear of fines, restrictions or Greta Thunberg! In those parts you will only run into others electric vehicles, so traffic jams and parking will not be a problem.

You receive a WhatsApp, apparently a few have decided to meet up for an aperitif, all good if it weren't because it catches you right at the other end ... you will have to consider your foray into Gran Vía as settled. your avocado toast and a cappuccino. Travel at zero cost It makes you feel like a millionaire sometimes, so you leave half a kidney as I pay for breakfast and get back on track with your electric motorbike.

You have arrived! You are the first, little by little everyone is arriving and you have a good laugh, well, everyone except Maria, who has spent five hours the poor thing driving around in the car ... She always has to go everywhere with the car! If you know that then you never find a place to park!

Time to get off the patatas bravas!

You decide that the time has come to finally step onto the gym. Luckily, the velca, It will help you with the weights and you will do the whole spinning class with the resistance set to full. The rest of the students will applaud, impressed ... Who is that shaking your hand? Arnold Schwarzenegger ???

Voucher…! You got us ...! This gym moment we have invented it. Here the velca He can't do anything for you, we're sorry… an older man will have to help you lift the weights and you'll spend the last ten minutes of class pretending to pedal. We let you know at the beginning! You too will have to do your part!

It is time to spend some time with the family, helmet always ON and back on track. You just fell! Your boss's heavyweight has sent you an email with a last minute message, take a look at “Google maps”

Velca electric motorcycle

50 minutes !?

Waiting What a scare! The option was put on public transport! With your electric motorbike paGet picked up and errand done in 20 minutes. You take advantage of the remaining 30 minutes to stroll through the stores and do some shopping.

What else do you want? A cinema, a concert, go to that exhibition that everyone talks about ...

I think you're getting it ... we are not selling you the motorcycle.

The idea is make every day count. Something that more and more people are clear about, for this you need attitude and means and if the environment is ecological and economic better than better, for something the sales of electric motorcycles in Spain they have shot 70% far exceeding the sales of others electric vehicles.

Do you want to take advantage of the time? Enjoy yours without burdening the planet?

If you have the attitude, we put the means to make this 2020 fulfill all your purposes thanks to velca, speed and quality turned into electric motorbike.

And you, do you want them to sell you the motorcycle?

buy motorcycle

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Editor: Martha Critician