Last week my boyfriend received his Velca Tramontana. He convinced me to try a new way to get to our favorite tapas place in Madrid. And yes, we ride together on his new Velca. It was being the first time that I got on a motorcycle!

I felt very safe, it did not vibrate, it did not make noise, I keep talking about the motorcycle… It was almost like riding a bicycle, but coming out first at the traffic lights. After taking something in The Latin Muse I told him to go take another cover to Malacatín, but this time I would drive (total, in a Velca it takes us literally 3 minutes). MY FIRST TIME RIDING A MOTORCYCLE!

Then I drove it again, and after about 5 kilometers driving it was clear that I needed an electric motorcycle in my life. So I asked him to leave it for me for a week ... and I've already ordered one for myself.

A new twist from the first time on a motorcycle

Madrid has become a kind of testing ground for the experimentation of electric micromobility of which I have taken part. A plague of scooters vies for space on the sidewalk where there are thousands of Segways, electric bikes and other wheeled devices. But the arrival of Velca in my hands represents a new twist. Velca, the Spanish brand of electric motorcycles, which has been launched this year 2020 in Madrid, offers electric mopeds directly at your house, with capacity for two people, with removable battery very easy to charge in any socket at home or in my office and also to a super affordable price.

You can drive the Velca Tramontana and Bora models with your driving license or also from the age of 16 with the moped license. In fact, my brother, who is barely 16 years old, is thinking of buying one. They are so easy to ride that they have managed to capture a new segment of customers: those who said they would never drive a motorcycle, like my boyfriend, but there is always a first time.

Velca, is the electric motorcycle designed for demanding citizens, like me, like many. People who want cities with clean air and where you can enjoy the whispers of birds or live music from the streets, without car murmurs in the background.

Relax Velca

Velca, and other synonyms for freedom

This Week I have moved freely around the city. I have used my Velca motorcycle to go to work every day and have not yet needed to charge it. The 120 km range per week is more than enough to go to work every day, run some errands and go out to dinner some night. Arrive faster than on the subway and further I charge her in the office. Yes, well, I know that charging it would cost me about 20 cents, but if it comes out free, the better.

Well, that, in a week I have gone from my first time to being addicted to electric motorcycles, yes, I have only tried it with the Velca Tramontana, for now. If you also want to try it, click here!.