At Velca we want to lead the transition towards clean mobility to improve health and coexistence in cities, without forgetting the safety of drivers. That is why we equip MICHELIN City Grip 2 tires as standard (provided by Andrés Tires).


Michelin and Velca, together for sustainability and safety.

Having an electric vehicle was previously only within the reach of a few. But the Spanish electric motorcycle brand Velca has arrived so that we can all have access to sustainable mobility.

Velca offers the possibility of switching to the electric driving experience in an affordable, sustainable, stimulating and safe way thanks to your agreement with Michelin, which equips Velca's motorcycles with MICHELIN City Grip 2 tires supplied by Andrés Neumáticos.


Velca range of electric motorcycles.

Velca's range of electric scooters consists of 4 100% electric models with removable batteries, which can be charged in any household socket:

  • Bora, a moped that can be driven with the AM license, and that thanks to its 2.000 W motor reaches 45 km / h and offers perfect handling for the city, with a range of up to 50 km.
  • Calima, to another level in performance thanks to its 4.000 W motor. Silent power to move around the city quickly, with a maximum speed of up to 80 km / h, and 70 km of autonomy.
  • Tramontana, a design scooter inspired by the Italian motorcycles of the '50s that, with a 3.000 W motor and thanks to its double battery, offers an extended range of up to 100 km.
  • Tramontana S, the fastest and most powerful model in the range, with a 4.000 W motor that allows it to reach a maximum speed of up to 90 km / h. The autonomy reaches 100 km.

Each Velca saves +60 kg of CO2 emissions per 100 km traveled, compared to an equivalent vehicle with a combustion engine. Velca and Michelin are thus joining forces for safe and sustainable mobility at a time when the importance of decongestion in urban areas and social distance have made the motorcycle one of the smartest ways of moving around in big cities.


MICHELIN CityGrip 2: maximum safety for scooters

The MICHELIN CityGrip 2 tire has been designed to meet the expectations of modern scooter users who essentially move in urban areas. This type of vehicle, whose demand does not stop growing, is an ideal solution for mobility in cities and large towns.

And to respond to the needs of the users and manufacturers of these scooters, the development engineers of Michelin They have designed a generation of tires that provide maximum safety, whatever the weather conditions and the type of ground.

The MICHELIN CityGrip 2 dimensional range includes 30 references for rims from 12 to 16 inches. Among the main keys to its benefits are:

  • Innovative rubber compound, incorporating silica for the first time in the scooter tire segment.
  • Shark tooth lamella tread pattern design (provides grip on wet and slippery surfaces).
  • M + S marking, as far as it can be said they are the first "All Season" scooter tire.
  • Great durability and performance that is maintained from the first to the last kilometer.


Your MICHELIN EcoTrips, an event with Velca to advance the strategy "Everything sustainable in 2050". (2021, June 17). Michelin press space.

Velca and Michelin team up for sustainability and safety. Velca and Michelin team up for sustainability and safety.