The electric motorcycles They have flooded the streets of your city and they come to stay. The advantages of having an electric motorcycle there are so many and so obvious that you will be crazy (or dead) if at the end of this article you do not want get one sail. 

Bypassing your car and making your way through traffic jams… A Velca!

Glisteningly parked outside the subway, after 3 transfers, 15 stops, a 10-minute breakdown, and three stomps: Two! velcas

Parked at the door of your house and along the road that you have had to travel from Mordor Seven Candles! 

Even though you've started to feel like the sixth sense child for a while now, don't panic! Nothing happens! Your prayers have been answered! 

Remember and review, for example, the times you have wanted with all your might to indulge yourself without feeling Cruella de Vil or save to arrive more comfortable at the end of the month. 

With the velca Wish granted!

One of the most obvious advantages when it comes to getting a electric motorbike it is savings; in fuel, revisions, maintenance, taxes and time. 

We don't want to make blood ... but since you've opened Pandora's box; remember the blow that they put you in the last ITV, the money that you had to invest in filters, surprise fines and the pasture that you lose every week in filling the tank. 

Say goodbye to gasoline with a electric motorbike

And what about the weather? 

Spaniards spend an average of * 17 hours per year in traffic jams and ** 96 looking for parking. Hello?! Almost four days hanging around like caged hamsters and breathing in the smoke from other cars.

With the velca You will save time and quality, so that the talks with your friends are not between the sounds of horns and intermittent perennials but how it has to be Between laughter and beers! Yes ... No alcohol! What then you have to take again the velca

velca engine

You can also go wherever you want, without taking into account the necessary environmental restrictions, which, unfortunately, are becoming more and more common in all large cities. click here! if you want to see how much you save from pollution per year using an electric motorcycle. 

There will be no limitations for your electric motorbike

And if you were thinking of using the battery as an excuse, forget it! 

Unlike other electric motorcycles, our model velca In addition to being able to recharge its battery in a conventional socket, it also has a removable battery so you can charge it whenever and wherever you want.

In fact, if you have a boss, we advise you to do it in the office.

Total, if you get one velca the wishes of time and money they will have already been granted to you and… Who knows? 

Maybe our particular genius can stretch out and get you another job without a problem.

With your Velca electric motorcycle everything is possible! Why not you try a Velca?